A Cambie Disaster

There are so many wonderful things about sewing your own clothes, like having complete control over the design, the fabric and the fit. This means I’m usually happy with what I’ve created. But not always. Sometimes a garment just doesn’t turn out how you’d hoped.

Take this dress, the Cambie from Sewaholic. I’ve only used one other Sewaholic pattern, the Minoru jacket from my last post. After the success of that, I couldn’t wait to try another one of their patterns. There are so many wonderful makes on other sewing blogs that I had very high hopes.


Unfortunately, it did not turn out as I expected. This has to be the most unflattering dress I’ve ever made. (It’s probably not, but it’s pretty damn awful).


It makes me look much bigger than I am and makes me feel very uncomfortable. My fabric choice doesn’t help either; it feels too ‘twee’.


Putting aside the fact I’ll never ever wear this, I have to say how good the actual pattern is. It’s simple to make with fantastic clear instructions. I think with a few major tweaks, it could produce a wearable dress. For now though, it’s resigned to the back of the  pattern pile and the dress has gone to the charity shop. Maybe it’ll look better on someone else.

Don’t expect too many fail posts, but sometimes it good to remember that not everything you make is a win.


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