2017 Wardrobe Plans

If you’ve found your way here, then welcome to Alabama Sew’s very first blog post.

In 2015 I made a resolution that I wouldn’t buy any clothes if I could make them myself. Aside from underwear, bras and a couple of cardigans, I managed to stick to my no buy pledge.

2016 started with the same no buy pledge with the added aim to turn my wardrobe into at least 50% handmade. With more spare time available my wardrobe has now grown to probably 75% handmade, if not more.

So this year begins with the same no buy pledge only now I’ve extended it to fabric. I’ll admit I can be a hoarder at times, especially when some pretty fabric catches my eye! I will be shopping only from my stash until it’s at a ‘reasonable’ level. Though I haven’t yet decided what my definition of reasonable is…

Here is my little sewing corner with my very neatly organised fabric.  Most of my fabric is folded onto comic book backing boards and each cubby hole is sorted by fabric type. I also have a cupboard of shame which is full to the brim with more fabric, hence my plan to buy no more!


I’m hoping to have at least 90% of the items in my wardrobe handmade by the end of the year, this time including underwear, bras and shoes as well as clothes!

Stay tuned for my first project of 2017 x


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